Open Division Class Schedule


Open Division Levels

We offer dance classes for all ages – youth and adult. Level placement is determined by our instructors and what level we feel is best suited for you or your child. Adult, Hip Hop and Acting classes have NO minimum class requirements. Level 2 and up MUST take either a FUSION Ballet or a Classical Ballet class in order to enroll in any other dance classes. We have this requirement to ensure your child can excel and receive proper training and form in all specialties, with ballet being essential to a solid dance education.  (Age level requirement cut off dates follow the Florida board of education cut off date of September 1st of each new school year)

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for all ages in any class genre. Please contact us if you are interested in one-on-one instruction for you or your child. Pricing: $65 per hour.

Open Division Level Class Requirements

LevelClass Requirements
Pre-K, Level 1 K-2nd grade, Adults, Hip-Hop or Acting classNO minimum class requirements
Level 2 3rd-5th grade, Level ¾ (preteen & teen)MUST take either a Fusion Ballet or a Classical Ballet class in order to enroll in any other dance class (Jazz, Musical Theater, Broadway, Modern, Tap, etc.)
Ballet 3/4Pre-Pointe & Pointe class must be taken in addition to ballet tech
Ballet 51x ballet 5 tech class, 2x mixed tech, 2x pointe per week

Open Division Level Schedules

Baby (Ages 2-3) - Call 280-0614 to register for 2018-2019 classes at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
Ballet (2-3 yr olds)Wednesday9:20 - 10:05 amMiss Sandy
Ballet (3-3.5 yr olds)Wednesday10:05 - 10:50 amMiss Sandy
Ballet (2 yr olds)Thursday9:20 - 10:05 amMiss Dawn
Ballet (3 yr olds)Thursday10:05 - 10:50 amMiss Dawn

Pre-K (Age 4)

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
BalletThursday3:00 - 3:45 pmMiss Dawn

Level 1 (K-2nd Grade)

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
AcroMonday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Sandy
BalletTuesday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Dawn
Hip-HopTuesday5:00 - 6:00pmMr Joshua
TapWednesday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Andrea
BalletWednesday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Sandy
BalletSaturday9:30 - 10:30amMiss Hilly

Level 2 (3rd-5th Grade)

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
Ballet (Fusion)Monday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Sandy
ModernMonday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Winter
AcroMonday6:00 - 6:45pmMiss Sandy
TapTuesday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Andrea
JazzTuesday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Winter
Hip-HopTuesday6:00 - 7:00pmMr Joshua
Contemporary JazzWednesday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Ali
BalletWednesday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Dawn
Ballet (Fusion)Thursday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Sandy
AcroThursday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Sandy
AcroThursday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Sandy

Level 3/4 (6th Grade+) *With director approval

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
JazzMonday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Winter
AcroMonday7:00 - 8:00pmMiss Sandy
Ballet (Fusion)Tuesday5:30 - 6:30pmMiss Dawn
*Pre Pointe/Beg. Pointe*Tuesday6:30 - 7:30pmMiss Carolina
Contemporary JazzWednesday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Ali
TapWednesday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Andrea
Competition Dance TricksWednesday6:30 - 8:00pmMiss Ali
BalletThursday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Dawn
ModernThursday4:00 - 5:00pmMiss Winter
Pre-PointeThursday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Dawn
JazzThursday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Winter
AcroThursday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Sandy
TapThursday7:00 - 8:00pmMiss Andrea
Ballet (Fusion)Friday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Hilly / Miss Dawn
Contemporary PointeFriday7:15 - 8:15pmMiss Hilly

Level 5 (Teen Int:Adv) - HS = Home School

StyleDay of WeekTimeInstructor
Ballet (HS)Monday9:00 - 10:30amMiss Dawn
TapMonday7:00 - 8:00pmMiss Andrea
ModernMonday8:00 - 9:00pmMiss Winter
BalletTuesday6:30 - 8:00pmMiss Dawn
Contemporary JazzTuesday7:00 - 8:15pmMiss Winter
PointeTuesday8:00 - 9:00pmMiss Dawn
Hip-HopTuesday8:00 - 9:00pmMr Joshua
Ballet (HS)Wednesday9:00 - 10:30amMiss Dawn
BalletWednesday6:00 - 7:30pmMiss Dawn
Competition Dance TricksWednesday6:30 - 8:00pmMiss Ali
PointeWednesday7:30 - 8:30pmMiss Dawn
PointeThursday5:00 - 6:00pmMiss Dawn
AcroThursday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Sandy
JazzThursday6:00 - 7:00pmMiss Winter
FlexibilityThursday7:00 - 8:00pmMiss Sandy
Contemporary BalletFriday6:00 - 7:15pmMiss Hilly / Miss Dawn
Contemporary PointeFriday7:15 - 8:15pmMiss Hilly